China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association Responsible Care Committee, Emergency Response Group’s 2016 Working Conference was Held Successfully

01 November 2016

On October 25, 2016, the “Emergency Response” meeting was held in Lianhe Chemical Technology (Yancheng) Co., Ltd, jointly by the Responsibility and Care Working Committee of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association and Lianhetech.

China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Association was founded in April 2001. The association having more than 300 membership units, is a national, comprehensive social organization. The Responsibility and Care Working Committee is a branch of the association, founded in October 2011, provides a solid foundation and organizational guarantee for the “Responsibility and Care” activities in the petroleum and chemical industry. The “Emergency Response” working group was established in 2014, with the aim to provide regulations for managing responsibly and care, communicating responsive capability and experience, and to improve the rescue ability of the member units. BASF (China) serves as the head of the Group, while Lianhetech is the deputy head.

This meeting received strong support from Xu Housheng and Luan Bingmei, director and deputy director of Quality Safety and Environmental Protection Department of the Association. It was also backed up by from the Emergency Response Group member units, such as Zhejiang Huafeng Spandex Co.,Ltd, Dow Corning (Zhangjiagang) Co., Ltd, Jiangsu Huachang Chemical Co., Ltd, Evonik Chemical (Shanghai) Co., Ltd, Shandong Lubei Enterprise Group Corporation,Shanghai Huayi (Group) Co., Ltd, Cosmos Polymer (China) Co.,Ltd, Sinochem International Co.,Ltd, and so on.

According to the meeting agenda, leaders of the Association announced the "Notice to Members Addendum". Huafeng Spandex、Lianhetech、BASF and other companies shared their experience and measurement in emergency management, emergency evacuation plan and emergency response capability assessment. Delegates watched the maneuverers of both limited space emergency rescue and emergency pipeline leakage response, organized by Lianhetech.

Although the meeting was short, the participants expressed that they had benefited greatly from experience sharing, expert knowledge, and successful practice of peer companies.

Lianhetech demonstrated its safety management capability and holding activities like this plays a positive role in business management for the future.


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