JS site was awarded "Outstanding Contribution Award" for the safety standardization implementation in chemical safety by Chemical Safety Association(CCSA)

14 January 2019

On Dec 21th,2018, China Chemical Safety Association(CCSA) awarded 24 enterprises with the honorary title "Outstanding Contribution Award" for the standard construction of the safety production of hazard chemicals in 2018, Jiangsu Lianhetech co., ltd. was on the list. In Dec 2017, Jiangsu Lianhetech co., ltd. obtained the level 1 certificate of safety production standardization enterprise, which is also the first private enterprise obtained this certificate in China. In the process of standardization construction, Jiangsu Lianhetech co., ltd. established a good safety management system, set a good example of safety production in local area and chemical industry field. However, Jiangsu Lianhetech co., ltd. was not satisfied with the achievements, the management team had always considered "Safety First" as a top priority and also considered the improvement of essential safety and the enhancement of safety awareness and operational skills of employees as their own responsibilities, which made Jiangsu Lianhetech co., ltd. pass the municipal acceptance of automatic upgrade as the first gear enterprise of first batch in Dec,2017. At the meantime, Jiangsu Lianhetech co., ltd. still did not forget the leading role of outstanding enterprise, in Nov 2018, the Jiangsu Emergency Management Office(JSEMO) and Jiangsu Society of Work Safety Science and Technology(JSWSST) invited Jiangsu Lianhetech co., ltd. to participate "2018 Nanjing International Safety Production Technology BBS", Jiangsu Lianhetech co., ltd. gave a speech of "Implementation of Fine Management & Promotion of Safety Development" based on their own practical experiences, which acquired a positive comment from the leadership and peers.

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