Never forget why you started, and your mission can be accomplished. │ Lianhetech was awarded 2019 China Fine Chem ∙ 100

02 December 2019

On November 28, the “19th International Fine Chemical RM & Intermediates (Tieshangang) Summit 2019 China Fine Chem, 100 Conference” jointly sponsored by FCIA and CCIIA, undertaken by CNCIC, China Chemical Information Center, co-sponsored by the People's Government of Tieshangang District of Beihai City and the MC of Tieshangang District Industry Zone was held in Beihai. At the meeting, Lianhetech was awarded " 2019 China 100 Fine Chem ∙ 100" and the 8th on the list. Dr. Andreas Winterfeldt, President of the company attended the meeting and received the award.

At the 27th FCIA Council meeting, President Dr. Andreas Winterfeldt shared LT’s practical experience and suggestions on " China Fine Chemical Enterprises’ Green development, Safety production, Innovation & Upgrading, Global layout and International operation", he proposed to enhance the sustainable development ability of enterprises, promote industrial transformation and upgrading, and assistant the development of strategic emerging areas in China Fine Chem.

Photo by FCIA

Photo by FCIA

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