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Lianhetech is a leading solution & service provider for chemistry and technology focusing on four global markets:

At Lianhetech, we are dedicated to providing innovative and highly integrated chemistry based solutions throughout the life cycle of our client’s products. We always strive to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction from development to commercialization. To ensure customer success we are committed to close collaboration throughout the entire product life cycle.

Since 1985, Lianhetech has established seven chemical production sites and two machinery production sites as well as two R&D centers in China. Lianhetech has enjoyed strong business growth, and today we are still driven by our customer’s success in the market.

We firmly believe that success for a chemical company is not defined by business growth alone, but also by actively contributing to society and the environment. Lianhetech is committed to being a highly responsible corporate citizen that adheres to the highest industry standards. Safety, health, environment, quality, and compliance, are all of the utmost importance to us.



CPCIF.RCC 2023 Annual Meeting was successfully held in Taizhou

08 March 2023

CPCIF.RCC 2023 annual meeting was successfully held in Taizhou on March 2. Lia...

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