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The world’s population continues at a fast rate of growth, yet our natural resources are in a state of decline.  The population is expected to go beyond 9 billion people by 2050 and along with loss of arable land the challenge will be to produce enough nourishing food to feed everyone while not add additional stress to our fragile environment. In order to enhance yield and quality of food per hectare it is essential to develop crop protection products such as, herbicides, pesticides, bactericides, and plant growth regulators. 

Lianhetech is committed to offer our customers a full range of unique services and solutions throughout their entire product life cycle. We will provide our customers with maximized productivity while ensuring strict IP protection by combining our experiences on innovative process development, comprehensive engineering technology, supply chain management and risk management. 

Lianhetech offers a broad spectrum of products from intermediates, advanced intermediates to AIs. 

Innovation is the driver for our competitiveness which will bring value to our customers. In order to be competitive in the market, our customers can rely on Lianhetech's support with innovative solutions from laboratory to commercial production. 

Product integrity is in all aspects of a project imperative, therefore strict cross contamination control principles and high quality standards in the agrochemical Industry is an essential component for Lianhetech. We operate under ISO9001 standard and CP Manual to ensure highest quality. 

Lianhetech is the trusted and preferred partner of the top global agrochemical companies. Click here for more detailed information about Lianhetech’s capabilities.

Markets & Capabilities


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