Markets & Capabilities

As our modern society continues to advance, demands for a higher quality of life are simultaneously growing. Meeting these demands requires constant focus on technological developments that provide new opportunities to address these challenges. Products must adapt and grow with consumer expectations, and companies must remain highly responsive to emerging trends. At Lianhetech, we are aware of these challenges. Spanning a multitude of products and industries, from construction to pulp and paper, and from new polymeric materials to paint and coatings, we dedicate ourselves to identify unique solutions for our customers.

Lianhetech’s Performance Chemical Business Unit is dedicated to providing high quality, high performance and environmentally friendly solutions and CMO services. We develop unique technologies and apply them in selected application fields and markets.

Our products can be applied in the development and manufacturing of dyestuffs & pigments, polymer and coating, paper chemicals, care chemicals, cement additives, LCDs, LEDs, and battery chemicals among other applications.

Lianhetech is the trusted and preferred partner of the top companies in related industries. Click here for more detailed information about Lianhetech’s capabilities.

Markets & Capabilities


CPCIF.RCC 2023 Annual Meeting was successfully held in Taizhou

08 March 2023

CPCIF.RCC 2023 annual meeting was successfully held in Taizhou on March 2. Lia...

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