Markets & Capabilities

Aging populations and increasing health standards in mature and developing countries demand pharmaceutical solutions for patient centered care. This constitutes the core focus of our pharmaceutical customers.

Lianhetech is committed to cooperating with customers along the entire value chain, providing integrated chemical solutions from laboratory scale to commercial product supply. Our experience in navigating the challenges of the industry makes us a qualified partner that can provide support and valuable advice at all stages of product development.

Lianhetech offers a broad spectrum of products from starting materials, intermediates, to final APIs.

Innovation drives the success of our customers and they require access to a broad spectrum of chemical innovations. Lianhetech’s in-house R&D translates the innovations into synthesis route design, process development, scale-up manufacturing and process optimization.

Adhering to rigorously enforced quality standards in the pharmaceutical industry is a critical component for Lianhetech. We operate under GMP and ISO 9001 standards. Customers count on our analytical services and regulatory support.

Lianhetech is the trusted and preferred partner of the industry’s top pharmaceutical companies. Click here for more detailed information about Lianhetech’s capabilities.

Markets & Capabilities


CPCIF.RCC 2023 Annual Meeting was successfully held in Taizhou

08 March 2023

CPCIF.RCC 2023 annual meeting was successfully held in Taizhou on March 2. Lia...

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