Markets & Capabilities

At Lianhetech, we integrate chemistry and engineering to empower innovative technological solutions through close collaboration with our customers. Lianhetech provides a broad spectrum of services from R&D to manufacturing which includes synthetic route design, analytical capabilities, regulatory support, quality assurance, process development, and scale up to manufacturing. At Lianhetech compliance and product integrity is encompassed at every stage of the products life cycle.

Throughout development we understand that customers will require different forms of support at each stage. Lianhetech has over 100 scientists and technicians that are dedicated to researching and supporting our customer’s to manufacture more efficiently at each stage of production. We work independently to develop new innovative processes and synthesis, enabling our customers to sharpen their market competitiveness.

At the laboratory stage, Lianhetech performs synthesis route designs, and optimizations for clinical trials (phase I – III). The state-of-the-art laboratories at Lianhetech offer the scientific infrastructure necessary to keep stride in a continuously evolving industry. Our kilo lab provides flexible manufacturing services of small-scale production of registered intermediates and APIs under GMP standards. Our 50 L – 2,000 L reactors are suitable for multi-purpose production, and our class D clean rooms allow for API production.  Cryogenic reactors make it possible for low temperature productions down to -80℃.

Lianhetech’s piloting facilities provide flexible services for multi-purpose small-scale production to meet customer demands for starting materials, advanced intermediates and APIs.

Our multi-purpose manufacturing plants have production equipment and continuous flow reactors with capacities that range from 20 L to 25,000 L. Our commercial production experiences have a long history of complying with GMP and ISO standards. We have class D clean rooms for API production, small to large-scale reactors, and low temperature capabilities, allowing for advanced operations in accordance with the highest industry standards.  

To fully leverage our engineering competence, we are also able to build specialized manufacturing equipment in-house according to customer requirements and demands. Lianhetech’s in-house engineering capabilities are enhancing the abilities of our Crop Protection, Pharmaceutical and Performance Chemical Businesses in process development and optimizations. The dedicated engineering team is fully engaged at all stages of Lianhetech’s projects, contributing expertise from lab to pilot to mass production. Seamless communication and coordination between the engineering team and Lianhetech allow for high quality customized equipment and engineering solutions.

Markets & Capabilities


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CPCIF.RCC 2023 annual meeting was successfully held in Taizhou on March 2. Lia...

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